Sweet Fixins


A Lifetime of Creations

I am a life-long pastry enthusiast.  Over the years I have  enjoyed professional experiences in catering casual and fine dining atmospheres.  I enjoy sharing my favorites with friends and family.  Additionally, I am classically trained in French Pastry.

All of the food savory and sweet are created in small batches.  A great effort is made to purchase produce that is harvested in the community served.  Food that is sourced locally typically taste better.  The time and distance utilized to transport food to the consumer can diminish the shelf life and flavor of food.  My kitchen standard is to create foods with as many fresh natural ingredients that are organic.  That means I seek and make an effort to purchase produce that is grown in natural fertilizer and protected by natural pesticides.  I hold the same standard with sourcing meat, fish and dairy. My expectations are that that vendors provide products that are hormone free and animals are raised in a clean outdoor environment.  If an ingredient does not meet the standard menu adjustments are made